Wednesday, June 24, 2009

keyboard fungtion


On this page explains the function of each key on the keyboard this.

F1 = the key used to help
F2 = is used to rename, change in volume if Ms Excel or OO. Calc
F3 = searching
F4 = usually Alt key plus the work to close the program
F5 = Refresh
F6 = addressing
F10 = when added in with the Shift key, useful as an alternative to right-click
= F12 to save as
Scr SysRq PRT = Print screen
= Scroll Lock function to lock the glidder of a mouse scroll
Pause Break = to alter the condition of the computer into stand by
Tab = jump several characters
Caps Lock = change characters into upper case
Shift = change character and activate the symbol on a specific condition
Shift + F10 = Alternate right-click
Ctrl key = this will be useful if you add in with some emphasis on the button, such as:

Ctrl + S = save
Ctrl + A = block all
Ctrl + Y = Redo
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + X = cut
Ctrl + C = copy
Ctrl + V = paste
Ctrl + B = bold
Ctrl + U = underline
Ctrl + I = italic
Ctrl + N = new
Ctrl + F = find
Ctrl + H = replace
Ctrl + P = print
Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart =
Alt + F4 = close program
[Windows symbol] = the start menu
[symbol of the Windows] + M = minimize all programs
[Windows symbol] + Shift + M = me-maximize all programs
[Windows symbol] = + E to open Windows Explorer
Num Lock = switch function have a numeric keypad on the right on key board
Home = restore the position of the cursor at the beginning of the sentence
End = cursor at the position at the end of the sentence
Page Up / pg = Up to raise the per paragraph
Page Down / pg dn = to decrease screen per paragraph
Del = delete a character from the front
insert / ins = me to replace per-character
Backspace = delete per character from behind
Space = jump one character
= arrows keys to navigation keys
So is the keyboard function keys. Hopefully useful for you all and can help you to accelerate the performance of your office administration.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fast typing

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